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Hydroformed Aluminized Steel Heat Shield

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Hydroformed Aluminized Steel Heat Shield
Hydroformed Aluminized Steel Heat Shield

A recreational vehicle customer needed a heat shield manufactured for one of their RV lines. Hydroforming was selected for the manufacturing process because of the high strength characteristics that the process provides. Cambridge Metals and Plastics, a provider of high quality metal stamping and hydroforming for the automotive and RV industries was contracted to produce this item.

The customer supplied specifications required that the heat shield be constructed of aluminized steel, with a finished size of 225.7mm in length, by 57.7mm in width, and a surface profile of 4mm.

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Project Highlights for Aluminized Steel Heat Shield

Product Description We hydroformed this heat shield for use within a recreational vehicle.
Hydroforming Capabilities & Applied/Processes Hydroforming
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 225.7 mm
Width: 57.7 mm
Tightest Tolerances Profile of Surface of 4mm
Material Used TI-25 Aluminized Steel
1100 Aluminum Foil
409 Stainless Steel
Industry for Use Vehicle
Delivery Location North America
Standards Met
Product Name Heat Shield

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