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Hydroformed Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector

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Hydroformed Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector
Hydroformed Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector

Cambridge Metals and Plastics, a leading producer of OEM stamped and hydroformed components for the automotive and RV industry, was contracted to manufacture this exhaust gas collector for a leading RV maker.

The customer specifications required that the part be made from 409 stainless steel, and conform to dimensional tolerances of ±.1mm for length and width, and ±1ᵒ for the surface profile. The finished hydroformed stainless steel product measured 125.88mm in length, 97.35mm in width, and 46.55mm in height, with a finished outside diameter of Ø62.99mm.

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Project Highlights for Hydroformed Stainless Steel Exhaust Collector

Product Description We hydroformed this collector for use within an exhaust system
Capabilities Applied/Processes Hydroforming
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 125.88 mm
Width: 97.35 mm
Height: 46.55mm
Tightest Tolerances ±.1mm
Profile of Surface of 1.5mm
Material Used 409 Stainless Steel
Industry for Use Vehicle
Delivery Location North America
Standards Met
Product Name Stainless Steel Head Pipe Collector

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